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Just Vision’s new film “Budrus”

A couple of years ago, when I attended the iEARN conference for teachers in Cairo, I met Ronit Avni, the founder and director of  Just Vision .  She has assembled an amazing team to explore different views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (see the fascinating time line and interviews on the organization’s web site), and they have made two documentaries about the efforts of people who work for peace and nonviolent change in the region.  Here’s an excerpt from Ronit Avni’s latest message.  

Dear Friends,Yesterday Julia Bacha, Palestinian nonviolence leader Ayed Morrar and I appeared on NPR’s Diane Rehm show. You can listen to it online. If you enjoy the program, please help us by thanking Diane for covering this under-reported story of Palestinians uniting across factions along with Israelis in a nonviolent struggle to end the occupation and build peaceful relations between these two peoples. You can do so by emailing her at drshow@wamu.org.

Budrus is premiering this week at the Silverdocs film festival. Events have included screenings on Capitol Hill, a panel at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, meetings with members of Congress, staffers and veteran civil rights leaders, discussions with people across the political and religious spectrum and much more. We have one screening left tomorrow at 4pm at Silverdocs with a panel hosted by the United States Institute for Peace. We are honored and energized by the momentum that this film is generating, including a recent piece on Palestinian nonviolence efforts in the New York Review of Books. 

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