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The Group Presentation, part 1

Well, we pulled it all together.  When I got to the library, Mark and Micah, my group mates, were already there.  We did some last minute printing and organizing, and then we headed for the classroom.  The professor was completely amenable to the idea of moving furniture, but we didn’t get to start right away because he had a few video clips to show.  It was hard to wait when we were all ready to start, and we ended up running a bit short on time.  But again, what a great experience!  I can think of similar timing issues taking place in my classes just this spring.

Our fellow seminar participants seemed to appreciate the exercises we did to shore up their understanding of the characters and facts in Miramar.  I’m hoping that at least some of them will re-read it over the weekend.  All literature, as Roger reminds us, is worth reading twice.  This novel, though, changes entirely once you really understand the political background and get all the characters straight.  All the points I thought seemed clumsy on the first reading look entirely different now that I’m seeing the whole thing as an allegory.  I hope Monday’s discussion will help make that clear for the class.

This is a big thing to have behind us.  Plus I’m still ahead on the reading, so I can start to think more about my final project, which is supposed to be done before I leave to go home.  I’ll write more about that in another post.

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