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Exhibition–It happened!

Welcome poster

Exhibition program by Piera Varela

I always have a sense of wonder when a long-planned event goes off according to plan. It’s almost as if the planning process becomes its own kind of reality, and that’s what it was like with the exhibition for “The World in Our Midst.”  In the last ten days before the event, we had organized three committees in two classes: one group planned the exhibition program, one organized logistics, and one “corrected and beautified” the wiki.

On Sunday afternoon, it all came together.  Students, parents, faculty members and interviewees came; about 75 people altogether.  The students did a great job of  bringing food, setting up, and welcoming people.  We held it in the new student commons, a fine space for informal mingling but a challenging one for presenting a program.  We’re part of the school’s process of learning how to use that new resource.

hand-drawn flag

Claire Burdick’s illustration for the project

A number of guests used the available computers to read profiles on the wiki.  Surprisingly, the site continues to get 50-75 unique visitors every day. I’m glad the students’ work is being seen, and I’m glad it’s contributing to a broad understanding of the Durham Academy community.

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