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A Tour of Bangalore

What a whirl we’ve been in for the last few days! On Tuesday, we set out at 7 am on a walking tour of Bangalore. Our guide was an MBA and former tech company executive who started his tour business because he found that visitors to Bangalore rarely saw more than a small part of it. He has developed a wonderful and varied experience that starts with the very modern area (around our hotel) and proceeds backwards through the British Colonial legacy to the poor areas which are quite traditional. He framed these contrasts in an interesting way, saying that he had spent some time in New York, and at one point had taken a bus trip to see the Amish in Pennsylvania. The contrast in lifestyles between Manhattan and Lancaster County can be seen within a couple of kilometers in Bangalore.

I had hoped to share a few photos and give some commentary on them, but I’m having a lot of trouble sizing them appropriately for the web. Sorry they’re so big.

Here are just a few moments from that fascinating excursion.

This is a thousand year old temple on the side of a busy, ordinary street. We got to take off our shoes, go inside, and experience a ceremony. Strange and beautiful!



Fresh juice from a street vendor. There were 27 types of juice, including this murky green. I had a bright purple concoction. Was a little worried about whether I might get sick, but it worked out just fine.



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  1. Jordan Adair
    July 9, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Love the photo of the temple. In AH we studied some of these amazing creations and found they are incredibly complex, both structurally and symbolically. Keep sending more photos!!

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