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Weather and Other Mundane Matters

After all my worrying aloud about heat and monsoon, I’ve experienced remarkably good weather on this trip so far. Bangalore is on a high plateau where it was breezy, cloudy, and cool to slightly warm. Rajkot is warmer and quite humid, but I’d guess high temps have been in the upper 80s. I’ve only used my umbrella twice. I hear that colleagues, even ones in Vadadora (east of Rajkot in same province) are getting whalloped by heat and humidity. I’m bound to encounter it but grateful to get started without it.

The food has been plentiful, interesting, and good. We take many meals at the hotel and others with Mala Singh, our host teacher, who makes sure we get tea mid-morning and brings a snack to go with it. I had just one day of gastric discomfort that never amounted to much. And I’ve hardly seen a mosquito, though I’m taking malaria meds just in case. I seem to be leading a charmed life here!

Transportation is an adventure. The school provides it for teachers as well as students, so Lisa and I are picked up at the hotel at 6:50 am and taken to school in this van. The same van and driver takes us back at the end of the day. I’ll try to get a better picture of it tomorrow because this makes it look more spacious than it really is. With 2-3 of us, it’s okay, but I can’t imagine 3 adults on each of the facing benches. I’m too tall to sit up straight in it. But the ride is short and it’s wonderful not to have to deal with taxis or rickshaws in the morning and afternoon.


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