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How to get to school

Yesterday I stood outside and watched as everyone arrived at school. Here are the options I observed:
  • ride your bicycle
  • ride your scooter or catch a ride on the back of your mother’s/sibling’s/friend’s scooter
  • catch a rickshaw with 2-5 of your fellow students
  • ride the van with 7-9 other students (you’ll need to throw your knapsack on top, and if it’s too crowded, just leave the door open and lean out)
  • ride the school bus
  • get dropped off by a parent (only saw a few of those)

No, that’s not a bank robber coming to school. It’s a girl protecting her face as she rides her scooter–a common sight on the streets.

It’s amazing how many children pile out of the tiny vans!

Today students were still entering the school courtyard after the morning assembly began. Kiran Sir, the headmaster, called all of them up on stage. There were probably 50 kids who had to form rows and do ten squats along with him. It seemed to make the point without shaming anyone too much. It was key that he did squats with them.

By the way, at these assemblies, there are about 800 people in the courtyard sitting on the ground, a few teachers standing. And there are two chairs. Guess who the chairs are for?




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  1. Jordan Adair
    July 11, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Ah, squats for late arrivals to assembly–think that might work at DA? I’m sure you remember Rafael Candelario, right? He made students do pushups when they came late to his class.

    So, 800 students in the courtyard. That’s massive. But I guess that’s in keeping with the crowded streets, rickshaws, vans, and cars. I think a bike might be the best thing to do!

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