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Favorite North India City

Admittedly, my/our visits to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Udaipur have been brief. But it’s no contest: Udaipur is the best! It has the first natural beauty we’ve seen on this trip–a chain of small mountains that are quite green at the moment, since it’s monsoon season. (Apparently they had a lot of rain in the days preceding our arrival; once again, we saw none but benefitted from a big drop in temperature). The city is clean–no trash all over the place–and it has several artificial lakes and a couple of fantastic palaces. Here’s Pakis standing in the gate of the 16th century “City Palace” from which the “maharans” ruled the kingdom. (They’re not to be confused with “maharajas,” who were allied with Mughal invaders–Udaipur is proud of its independent heritage)! In fact, there’s still a king in this palace, but since independence, his role is only ceremonial.

Here’s Pakis standing in the entrance gate. The guide told us that a bridegroom entering the palace for a wedding did so on elephant back, and he was expected to reach up with hand or spear and touch the decoration you see here.

Here’s a “we were really here” picture of a different entrance gate (at a Mughal palace in Jaipur, I think).


Technical note: We’ve been moving around a lot, and Wi-fi access has been expensive and limited. Hence the silence on the blog front. I have lots of ideas stored up, though, and I’ll continue writing them up when I can. As Pakis observed, “India doesn’t end when we get back.”


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