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Awesomeness of Elephants

Well, we did the typical tourist thing. We rode an elephant up to the hilltop fort at Jaipur. It was fantastic! It’s all set up so the tourists can stand on a platform to climb aboard. An elephant pulls alongside, and it’s reasonably easy to climb into a wooden box that’s strapped to the animal’s back. As we prepared to step in, someone behind us started shouting, and our guide explained that the driver of this elephant had jumped the line and was getting scolded. It was amazing to watch him back the animal away and turn it around. Apparently there’s a systematic way to divvy up the work and an enforcer to keep everyone honest. We climbed aboard the next elephant to pull up.
2-3 tourists can fit in the box on one elephant’s back. It takes a few minutes to get used to the rocking motion as the elephant steps along. It feels like being on the ocean in a small boat! It’s an unusual perspective to be so high up, and we had an especially tall elephant, so we really felt like royalty.
We made our way uphill on a hard packed dirt road. There were switchbacks wide enough not to be scary, and there were elephants (plus an occasional motorcycle) going down the hill in the other “lane.” At one point, though, we came to a gate that’s only one elephant lane wide. Traffic jam!


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  1. carol b
    July 22, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    TIna and Pakis, This looks fantastic! And so different from traveling in a Prius! – Carol Burk

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