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Monsoon, finally

Well, the rains have caught up with us.  We’re now in a very tropical area of southern India; there are palm trees and rubber trees and monkeys everywhere.  Yesterday we took a long drive up into the hill country (mountains) west of Kochi, and we stayed at an eco-resort built into the side of a mountain.  The “corridors” are outdoor walkways, so we’ve been getting around with umbrellas.  It’s a beautiful and interesting place.  Early this morning we took a boat ride on Lake Periyer.  It was a rainy and foggy for a while, and we rode along slowly upstream feeling the engine’s low hum and peering at the tree line to spot animals.  If I wiped the other passengers out of the scene, it felt like searching for Kurtz in Heart of Darkness or Martin Sheen’s ride up the Mekong River in Apocalypse Now.

We did see a couple of water buffalo and some elephants grazing.  And the sun came out about halfway through, so we got to see beautiful scenery in very different conditions.  I’ll try to add pictures when I get a better internet connection.

This feels very, very far from Kansas.

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