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Miscellaneous thoughts

Year 2 of the Teachers for Global Classrooms program is under way, and today I participated in a webinar for the group that will go to India.  It was such a pleasure to revisit my own experience and share details about it with them.  In a few weeks they’ll be landing in Bangalore, checking into the Royal Orchid Hotel, and meeting The Teacher Foundation’s awesome team.  If any of them should read this, I hope they’ll reply with their blog addresses.  I’d love to follow them online!

I’m working on creating an event at my school next fall.  It will focus on social entrepreneurship in the Middle East, with Just Vision as the prime example.  I met the founder, Ronit Avni, at the iEARN conference in Cairo, Egypt in 2007.  I’ve long wanted to bring her or one of her people to Durham Academy, and I’ve got support to do it next fall.  My colleagues in the history department are interested in creating a half-day or perhaps full day program for freshmen (since they study the Middle East in World Cultures and World Literature in the fall).   It’s always fun to have a new project on the horizon!

Here, just for fun, is an Atlantic article for NPR junkies: Why Do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names?

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  1. Dr. Shipe
    July 3, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    We really enjoyed the information you provided us, Tina. We leave on Sunday. I’m a bit nervous, but also very excited.

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