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A Big Hug for Ukraine

Fellows in the Teachers for Global Classrooms program went to half a dozen different countries for their two week “in country” experience. I went to India, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the group that went to Ukraine. Here’s a blog post from Sara Karakour, who has kept up with her host teacher in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.  It’s so interesting to think that two years ago, or even six months ago, we couldn’t have imagined that the world’ spotlight would be focused on that country!

Innovation on Earth

ButterflyFriendship Artwork by a 12 year old Ukrainian Student

“Thank you so much everybody for your support. Every word in your letters makes me smile. Because it is something special to feel that you are not alone and hear this not from politics or media but from you.”    ~Veronica, a student at Zaporizhzhya Classical Lyceum

reading2 Students marvel at the artistic talents of their Ukrainian peers

Today Ukraine entered the hearts of some very excited American students! It was a simple exchange — just a few pieces of paper sent in the mail — but it feels more powerful than any connecting we’ve done online. When the students looked at the photographs, letters, and artwork from their peers in Ukraine, the excitement in the room was palpable.

Ukrainian Hospitality Me on my fellowship in Zaporizhzhya, with waitresses in traditional dress

We’ve discussed the crisis in Ukraine in class, and last quarter students wrote cards of support…

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