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Cloud to Ground Learning

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The school year is wrapping up, and I am making a transition to part time teaching, moving out of my classroom and into an office.  Next year I’ll teach one Durham Academy English class, one Digital Journalism class through the Global Online Academy, and see my advisory through to graduation.  In the afternoons, I’ll be starting something new.  Here’s how I described it yesterday in a message to DA faculty and staff.

Dear Colleagues,

Next year, I’ll be teaching at DA in the mornings and developing a new educational venture in the afternoons.  The new venture is Cloud to Ground Learning, and it will provide support for learning that takes place outside academic institutions.  [June 3 note: Sorry, but last night I upgraded the site to eliminate advertising and get a proper URL without “WordPress” in it.  The whole site seems to have gone down. It should be back in a few hours.]

At various junctures in our lives, we all want or need to learn about a wide variety of topics.  Buying a house or preparing for a big trip can be an impetus, for example, and so can a diagnosis or a new stage in our careers.   Sometimes there’s a mentor or a ready-made course for what we want to learn.  Other times we find ourselves enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks.

Between those extremes, there lies an increasing field of opportunity for structured, independent learning.  I will help clients define their goals and identify resources in the physical community and the digital “cloud.”  I will help them organize those resources into a Personal Learning Plan that suits their style and schedule.  In academic terms, this is a syllabus, and it could include a few weeks’ or many months’ worth of material.  I will teach the use of tech tools as needed and provide support for following the plan to completion.  I’ll be a personal learning coach.

My goal for this summer is to get a rolling start—to begin working with people on a variety of topics while fine tuning my business concept.  You’re all great learners, and I would be pleased to hear from any of you who have a learning goal you want to address in the coming months.  As a matter of professional courtesy, I will make my service very affordable to you and your relatives.  Please talk to me or check out the Cloud to Ground Learning website to get a better idea of what I have in mind.

Best wishes for a smooth close to the year,

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